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Our Comprehensive Health Plans

Pay As You Go - Appointment Types

Comprehensive Health Assessment

(New Patients)


80 min

Health Advancement

(Established Patients)


50 min

Vivo Integrative Medicine Plans/Pricing

Individuals working with Jeff Evilsizor, PA-C, will choose between two monthly membership plans as part of the enrollment process.

The next step is to schedule a Comprehensive Health Assessment visit ($475/80 minute appointment).

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled as Health Advancement visits ($375/50 minute appointment).

Membership Options


Extended appointment times
(initial 80 min; follow-ups 50 min)

Wholesale supplement prices
(35% off retail)

Patient on-boarding assistance

Assistance with medical record transference

Access to extensive network of specialized wellness experts

Labs billed to insurance

Responses provided to Insurance/Cost Share requests for information re: superbills/labs

Direct portal messaging w/Jeff Evilsizor re: medical questions

Basic Plan



Premium Plan



Which Plan Is Best For You?

Basic Plan

Recommended For People:

Premium Plan

Recommended For People:

*Patients can move from Premium to Basic at any time. To move from Basic to Premium will require a scheduled medical visit to address current medical and insurance-related needs.

Typical Progression Toward Wellness

80 Minute
Comprehensive Health Assessment

In your initial 80-minute visit I will do a comprehensive health review of your medical history, prior lab results, environmental factors, as well as your current lifestyle, nutrition, and health goals. From that initial assessment, I will order any additional lab work or testing that we determine useful. Once those results are back, typically four weeks after the initial assessment, we meet again to review results. However, you will receive practical next steps during this initial appointment that you can begin to implement immediately following the initial appointment.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

All appointments require 48 hours of weekday (business hours) notice to cancel or reschedule.  I will charge a late cancellation fee for the full visit amount if less than 48 business hour (weekday) notice is given. 

50 Minute
Health Advancement

In the 50-minute Health Advancement visit I will review your test results with you and we will determine together an individualized care plan which may include (but isn’t limited to) nutritional recommendations, lifestyle habits, thyroid optimization, hormone balancing, GI support, exercise, sleep support, and environmental changes.

Each follow up 50- minute Health Advancement visit will be discussed and scheduled as mutually determined to most benefit you. I usually recommend that you follow the initial plan for a minimum of 3 months before any follow up. Depending on your situation and goals, we determine together the best time-frame of your follow-up. The time needed for subsequent follow-up appointments is highly individualized. Some people with more serious health conditions benefit from multiple follow-up appointments over the next year. Others that are focused on prevention or minor concerns may want 1 or 2 visits. My goal is that you thrive, not that you become a life-long patient.

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