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General Question

I am considered an out of network provider. I do not bill insurance directly. I will work sensitively within your budget to make every dollar count, as you invest in your health. I can issue a superbill that you can submit to your insurance if you have "out of network benefits." Labs can also be billed directly to insurance and are reimbursed based on your medical diagnosis and your insurance determination of lab necessity. Enroll in Vivo Premium to leverage your insurance benefits.

I do recommend health insurance or participation in a cost-sharing plan that protects you from catastrophic health events. Unfortunately, health insurance typically does not invest in you getting healthy. You will have expenses involved in getting healthy working with my practice. Some of these expenses can be reimbursed. Labs may get insurance coverage and even my visit could get reimbursement as an "out-of-network" provider. I can issue a superbill for the visit. Contact your benefits representative or health insurance company to see what expenses may be reimbursed by insurance or paid for from your HSA or FSA. Enroll in Vivo Premium to leverage your insurance benefits.

While I am trained in primary care medicine, I cannot function as your primary care physician in the telehealth format. View me as a specialist that specializes in wellness. Your primary care physician (PCP) is the specialist in sickness. It is essential to have a PCP as part of your team who knows you. I am not available for urgent appointments. If you have an urgent need, please see your PCP or urgent care. In a medical emergency, be grateful for the ER department and go promptly to the emergency room.

A personalized visit will be conducted through a secure, data encrypted telemedicine video meeting (similar to Facetime or Skype) but with heightened data privacy requirements. After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email confirmation which includes a link for your appointment. Your computer will need to have video and audio capabilities.

The health plan is highly individualized. It can include nutrition, mindfulness, sleep, movement, changing and/or reducing medications,  supplements, treatment of imbalanced bacteria or yeast, clearing toxic chemicals, clearing mold toxins, getting out of unhealthy relationships, gaining emotional freedom, job changes, sauna, getting in nature, de-stress practices, muscle building, food elimination, trauma work, and involvement of other specialists that target a specific need and more.  

It will be co-created. So ultimately, the plan will include what will benefit you the most that you are able to act on. It will involve getting in place the essentials that create the greatest gains which then will allow you to do more.

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment $475(80 minutes)
  • Health Advancement $375(50 minutes)
  • Vivo Premium Membership $30/month
  • Vivo Basic Membership $10/month

Nutritional supplements help restore nutritional status either from what is lacking in today’s foods or until dietary changes are made. Individualized recommendations are made based on lab testing and health priorities. The Cost Varies ($90 - $150/month averages). Supplements ordered through my practices save patients 35% from retail costs as I pass on full savings to patients and do not benefit in any way from supplement recommendations or sales. 

When ordering bloodwork and labs, I have the option of ordering as "insurance bill," whereby labs are billed directly to your insurance. Insurance will determine their coverage of the cost of those labs based on the diagnosis given. This is the same process as when labs are ordered by your primary care physician. I will also have the option of having you pay for your own labs at a discounted rate for those without insurance or those using a cost share program. Specialty testing typically is not covered by insurance and will be an additional expense unless using HSA (Health Savings Account) or Health FSA (Flexible Spending Account) funds. While health improvements can be made without specialty testing, they at times are essential for identifying the best path forward. Cost Varies ($250 - $1500 on average). Enroll in Vivo Premium to have labs billed to insurance.

Regular labs can be drawn at local testing sites like LabCorp or Quest or may be completed with the use of a mobile phlebotomist.  

Specialty kits will be shipped to your home with instructions and support for completing.

I will walk you through which options are best for you.

Vivo Premium Care allows for some medical questions to be answered between visits through direct portal messaging and allows for insurance interface.
Vivo Basic requires scheduled medical appointments in order to answer medical questions and is for those paying directly for services and labs.


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