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Meet Jeff
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Jeff Evilsizor, M.C., PA-C

Jeff was born and raised in the midwest, always on the outskirts of town. His love for growing things started in the family garden where a giant plateful of homegrown corn on the cob was the much anticipated summer dinner.

Where It Started

It was not until he was a biology major at Wheaton College that he first considered medicine. While engaged in overseas programs in Honduras, he began wedding the ideas of disease prevention, health promotion, and community development to wellness. Through extending a semester in Honduras to three, Jeff Evilsizor became conversant in Spanish and remains so today.

Working among the urban poor in Arizona won out over medical school in the years following college. Jeff realized that formal training in counseling would equip him to meet the challenges endemic in his community. A Master’s Degree in Counseling was completed at night while working as a psych tech during the day. Several years followed working with at-risk youth in court-ordered family therapy.

The Road To Becoming A Physician Assistant

Never being able to shake his interest in medicine, Jeff ventured back to school to become a physician assistant. Incorporating his community development and counseling knowledge to benefit patients, his next years involved work within different diverse conventional medical settings as a physician assistant. He had the privilege of offering medical services to and knowing inmates at the county jail, patients in the emergency room and in family practice, uninsured children in school based clinics, and opiate recovery patients. While caring for patients he was paying attention, listening, and differentiating what factors promote wellness.

Life In The Midwest

After a family move back to the Midwest, Jeff was offered the opportunity to train in integrative/functional medicine at K.U. Integrative Medicine at the University of Kansas Hospital. Because he had seen his own family go through a transformative experience in their health through gut healing, nutrition, & detoxification protocols, he was incredibly open to adding this knowledge to his growing therapeutic arsenal. This led to a transition from his reliance on pharmaceuticals to trusting the healing potential of the human body. Fast-forward nine years and Jeff is incredibly grateful for his wonderful patients and co-workers who have influenced who he has become. He would like to thank and acknowledge the investments of his Kansas City area collaborating physicians (Dr. Jeannie Drisko MD, Dr. Ourania Stephanopolus MD, Dr. Ron Hunninghake MD, Dr. Ted Williams MD, and Dr. Kyle Gillett MD*) over the course of his career.

If Jeff is not working, he is outside. You will likely spot Jeff somewhere on his property weeding another garden, planting another tree, tending to his bees, harvesting asparagus, fixing a broken water line, or moving cows to another pasture. His wife of 30+ years and three grown daughters just edge out his love of nature.

Jeff Evilsizor’s Belief

Jeff believes health is in our very essence. Health, however, is not synonymous with the absence of limitation. Even the 20 year old Olympian faces limitations. Restoring health involves knowing ourselves, knowing our purpose, acknowledging limitation, synchronizing with nature, becoming self and environmentally aware, starting simple, enjoying nutrition, identifying interferences, adjusting rhythms, applying targeted medical interventions, peeling back the layers, connecting appropriately to others, and experiencing and celebrating gains. I want to join you in your journey of rediscovering your essence and health.

Jeff Evilsizor’s Specializations

Jeff specializes in assisting those with chronic health conditions who have not yet experienced health gains and also in assisting those who are wanting to prevent dysfunction. While thyroid, hormone, autoimmune, gastrointestinal, mental health, metabolic disease, and skin concerns are the majority of patients who seek assistance, there are plenty of wellness patients who want verification that their current life choices are aligned with their health goals.

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Your Companion To Wellness

I want to come alongside, give perspective, educate, guide, and simplify those steps that maximize you reaching your potential.  Healing is possible and sustainable, but likely will require some counter-cultural pivots.  Healing most often comes incrementally.  Nature works a certain way, and wisdom involves joining the rhythms of nature and benefiting from the laws by which we were formed. 

My Expertise

33 years in the Healing Arts
24 years as a Physician Assistant
10 years Integrative Functional Medicine

Because healing is possible. Because healing is sustainable. Because the path of healing can become more clear. Because you can take bold action.  You can tap into your vitality. My goal is that  need my services are temporary.  Your work and effort will lead to change that frees you into your unique role in your community and the world. Please visit our services page to see how I might be able to support your health goals today.



* Dr. Kyle Gillett MD serves as Jeff Evilsizor’s collaborating Physician.

Vivo Integrative Medicine of Kansas City is contracted with Gillet health to provide telehealth medical services to patients throughout Missouri and Kansas.